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Sunday, September 15, 2019 - Reading God’s Word!


Pastor Roger Marcos
Sept. 15, 2019

As children of the Most High we have a lifelong OCCUPATION of Praising God, not only reading His Word, not only loving each other, but we need to think what He’s done for us at Mount Calvary. If we truly understand friends, and brethren, IT IS OUR RIGHFUL DUTY, LOVE AND A PRIVILEGE TO OFFER “SACRIFICE OF PRAISE”. Each day in our life journey. Amen!

12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 13 Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching. 14 Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.
15 Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. 16 Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. 1 Tim. 2:12-16 NIV

In Bristol, England George Mueller cared for ten thousand orphans over a span of sixty years, relying only on faith, reading God’s Word and PRAYER to feed and house of the children. He never asked for money, though he regularly asked for more orphans.

One morning with no food or milk on hand Mueller seated his orphans around the breakfast table and prayed. FATHER WE THANK THEE FOR THE FOOD. THOU ART GOING TO GIVE US. Just then a knock came at the door. A baker told Mueller, I was awakened at 2:AM and felt I should bake some bread for you. Within a minute came another knock. A Milkman said, MY MILK WAGON JUST BROKE DOWN IN FRONT OF YOUR PLACE. I MUST GET RID OF THESE CANS OF MILK BEFORE I CAN TAKE THE WAGON FOR REPAIRS. Can you use this milk?

Mueller meticulously recorded thousands of similar instances in his life journal. Brethren, Mueller attribute God’s continual provision. He always satisfied himself that he was doing God’s will before he started a project. Then stood on the promises of the Bible and continued to ask God for help in READING GOD’S WORD AND PRAYER.


How’s Your Daily Reading? Without reading our Bible How Can We overcome the strength and offer of the world?

Do You Think Reading the Bible is Enjoyable and Rewarding? So If we are to be right with God, we must have and maintain a healthy Bible reading schedule.

God’s Word Keeps Us Spiritually Strong Through the.

I. KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WORD THE BIBLE. The Bible is the world’s most fascinating book. It is the best-selling book of all time and is widely considered to be some of the finest literature ever written. It has been translated into numerous languages and is the foundation of modern laws and ethics. It guides us through difficult circumstances, gives us wisdom, and has been the foundation of faith for centuries of believers. The Bible is the very Word of God and makes clear the ways to peace, hope, and salvation. It tells us how the world began, how it will end, and how we are to live in the meantime.

The Bible is not really a book, but a collection of books. PICTURES-

A. WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE Life full of troubles. the Bible Important Inside your Bible is a collection of sixty-six unique and separate books - writings from different times, different nations, different authors, different situations and different languages. Yet, these writings compiled over the period of 1600 years all weave together in unparalleled unity, pointing us towards the truth of God and the salvation that is ours in Christ.

What Happened to Judas Iscariot, King Solomon, blind Him, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden- Cain killed His brother Abel- Lot’s wife-turn in to pillar of salt- for my own conclusion I am sure lack of knowledge.

Is the Bible Still Relevant Today?

According to the most recent research conducted by Barna in 2017, 87% of American households own a Bible. But the question is, how many people are reading it? Like a lot of people who grew up in church and stayed around, accumulated several Bibles over the years- right?

There Would Be A Famine For God’s Word -Amos 8:11, 12 11 “The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign Lord, “when I will send a famine through the land-not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of Hearing the Words of the Lord. 12 People will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the Lord, but they will not find it.
11 “The time is coming when I will send famine on the land. People will be hungry, but not for bread; they will be thirsty, but not for water. They will hunger and thirst for a message from the Lord. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken. 12 People will wander from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean and then on around from the north to the east. They will look everywhere for a message from the Lord, but they will not find it. GNT.

Remember: God's words will still be available, but it will be rare that those words will be heard. The truth will still be obtainable; His inspired messages will still be accessible. However, as a curse on the land, God will cause truth not to be heard.

The kind of hearing that will be in such short supply is one that causes right action-in fact, the Hebrew word is often translated as "obey." This famine causes God's words not to be heard, and the result is that sin and disobedience flourish. -It is a tremendous curse, because without having God's words as guidance-without the light of truth.

Pro. 1:2 2 Here are proverbs that will help you recognize wisdom and good advice, and understand sayings with deep meaning. 3 They can teach you how to live intelligently and how to be honest, just, and fair. 4 They can make an inexperienced person clever and teach young people how to be resourceful. 5 These proverbs can even add to the knowledge of the wise and give guidance to the educated, 6 so that they can understand the hidden meanings of proverbs and the problems that the wise raise.
7 To have knowledge, you must first have reverence for the Lord.[a] Stupid people have no respect for wisdom and refuse to learn.
8 My child, pay attention to what your father and mother tell you.

Wisdom Calls

20 Listen! Wisdom is calling out in the streets and marketplaces, 21 calling loudly at the city gates and wherever people come together:
22 “Foolish people! How long do you want to be foolish? How long will you enjoy making fun of knowledge? Will you never learn? 23 Listen when I reprimand you; I will give you good advice and share my knowledge with you. 24 I have been calling you, inviting you to come, but you would not listen. You paid no attention to me. 25 You have ignored all my advice and have not been willing to let me correct you. 26 So when you get into trouble, I will laugh at you. I will make fun of you when terror strikes- 27 when it comes on you like a storm, bringing fierce winds of trouble, and you are in pain and misery. 28 Then you will call for wisdom, but I will not answer. You may look for me everywhere, but you will not find me.
29 You have never had any use for knowledge and have always refused to obey the Lord. 30 You have never wanted my advice or paid any attention when I corrected you. 31 So then, you will get what you deserve, and your own actions will make you sick. 32 Inexperienced people die because they reject wisdom. Stupid people are destroyed by their own lack of concern. 33 But whoever listens to me will have security. He will be safe, with no reason to be afraid.”

  • God’s People Are Destroyed For a Lack of Knowledge. Hosea 4:6 my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.
  • Apart From God’s Word There Is No Salvation.

B. KNOWLEDGE CAN PROVIDE SECURITY. -2Co 4:3-7 3 For if the gospel we preach is hidden, it is hidden only from those who are being lost. 4 They do not believe, because their minds have been kept in the dark by the evil god of this world. He keeps them from seeing the light shining on them, the light that comes from the Good News about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God. 5 For it is not ourselves that we preach; we preach Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake. 6 The God who said, “Out of darkness the light shall shine!” is the same God who made his light shine in our hearts, to bring us the knowledge of God's glory shining in the face of Christ.
7 Yet we who have this spiritual treasure are like common clay pots, in order to show that the supreme power belongs to God, not to us.

  • Some Refuse To Have the Light -Jn 3:19-21 19 This is how the judgment works: the light has come into the world, but people love the darkness rather than the light, because their deeds are evil. 20 Those who do evil things hate the light and will not come to the light, because they do not want their evil deeds to be shown up. 21 But those who do what is true come to the light in order that the light may show that what they did was in obedience to God.
  • We Have Received the Light and we Transmit the Light unto Others.


Remember: The important of reading and studying the word of God on a consistent basis.

Read Your Bible Every Day!

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