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Monday, September 19, 2016 - NYCC Summer Camp 2016

COUNTY ROADS, WARKWORTH, ON - Close to a 100 people gather here for a weekend of camping that almost did not push through on 12-14 August 2016.

North York Church of Christ (NYCC) led by Camp Director Edward Bautista organizes the two-night/three-day event centered on the theme “God is Able”. Such was actually set earlier on 29-31 July 2016 supposedly at the Ontario Christian Assembly campsite but said venue was undergoing repairs on that schedule.

Spot on, the rains pour out on the first day beginning on early dawn and intermittently during the rest of the time intended for opening assembly, group games and even at mealtimes that prove challenging for most to stay dry. What the drench could not stop, however, is the overall enthusiasm of all teams present.

“We see the rains as a blessing, not as obstacles,” NYCC Head Pastor Roger Marcos exhorts the crowd at the opening program. He also expounds on the camp’s theme verse on Ephesians 3:20 that God can keep you when you cannot keep yourself and the essence of staying faithful.

Guest Pastor Robbie Andrew Sevilla of DC-3 Meadowvale, who was invited to speak during the Sunday service shares about the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke and on experiencing the “God Is Able When We Enable” principle.

Pastor Sevilla outlines three conditions: 1) Walk Faithfully; 2) Obey Regularly and; 3) Serve Constantly. This was based on the context of Jesus’ birth and being as foretold by an angel, revealed unto Mary and Joseph, prophesied through Zechariah and Elizabeth and confirmed by John and how we can experience the realm of the impossible up to this day.

Meantime, the entire participants were equally divided into four (4) teams, respectively: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Said four colors are also the basis for ranking competing teams in events such as Bible Spelldown, Amazing Race, Mixed Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, Mixed Doubles Badminton, Children’s Badminton, Banner Making, Filipino games such as Kadang-Kadang for Individual and Group categories as well as the Yell, Clap and Cheer contests.

Team Red emerge as the champion as it made last-minute chase on the overall points relying heavily on the outcomes of the physically-demanding group games such as basketball and Kadang-Kadang. In the end, runners-up were in this order: Green, Blue and Yellow.

Central to the Scriptural passage in Ephesians 3:20, the campers draw strength on the power of God to do the impossible in any situation and in the process of growing one’s faith through life’s journey. It is also a great blessing for NYCC to be generously welcomed, personally ushered in and actively joined by campsite owners Sam and Femie Gueverra and their immediate family this year.

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