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Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Mothers Deserve What?


Pastor Roger C. Marcos
May 14, 2017

Are You Grateful for the Mother that God put in your life?

Giving birth does not make a woman a mother. It takes a special woman to be a mother. A mother is a person who is willing to take the responsibility of investing her life for the sake of her children.

Every one of us has a mom. don’t you know that when God gave us a mother HE GAVE THE BEST ONE.

Love your mom no matter what you go through and no matter how much you argue because in the end she’ll ALWAYS be there FOR YOU.

Today, many mothers are happy to receive flowers, cards, gifts, and money But mothers certainly deserve more than that, especially from a biblical perspective...

WHAT MOTHERS DESERVE from Her children.

- Flowers, card, money, restaurant, on Mother’s Day? Think about our mother’s sacrifices are endless, she will go to all strength to help her child succeed. The question I have today WHAT MOTHERS DESERVE FROM HER CHILDREN?

If there is any surpassing human deed it is mothers love WHEN GIVE BIRTH.

A. OBEDIENCE... reward

"Why is Obedience to God Important?"

Answer: Obedience to God proves our love for Him 1 John 5:2-3 demonstrates our faithfulness to Him. 1 John 2:3-6

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is Right.”

Ephesians 6:1Children, it is your Christian duty to obey your parents, for this is the right thing to do.

Col 3:20 Children, obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord.

THINK: Do We Give Our Mothers the OBEDIENCE they deserve?

B. RESPECT... Prov. 31:31 give her credit for all she does. She deserves the respect of everyone.

“Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise: that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” - Ep 6:2-3; Exodus 20:12- Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

A Chinese proverb says, “Respect for one’s parents is the highest duty of civil life”

Do We Give our Mothers the RESPECT they deserve?

C. CARE...

1. Mothers, deserve Care of their children. - 1Timothy 5:4, 8,16

4 But if she has children or grandchildren, their first responsibility is to show godliness at home and repay their parents by taking care of them. This is something that pleases God. 1 Tim. 5:4

8 But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.

16 If a woman who is a believer has relatives who are widows, she must take care of them and not put the responsibility on the church. Then the church can care for the widows who are truly alone.

2. Children are to be their mom’s’ “Social Security”

3. Mother deserve the best care that children can afford to give them.

4. Some may require professional and Medical Care, but we should not simply drop them off at nursing homes just for our convenience.


1. We may choose to give our mothers flowers, cards, gifts on Mother’s Day.

But every day they Rightly deserve..

  • Obedience
  • Respect
  • Care.

Are we practicing true piety and pure religion by giving our mothers what they deserve?

Happy Mothers Day!

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