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Sunday, March 17, 2019 - A Renewal of the Spirit


Pastor Roger R. Marcos
March 17, 2019

Not all of us can do great thing. But we can do small things with a great love.

Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love- so please walk in love and grow in God’s grace.

Text:  But you do not live as your human nature tells you to; instead, you live as the Spirit tells you to - if, in fact, God's Spirit lives in you. Whoever does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him. Romans 8:9 GNT

What does Romans 8:9 mean? Paul has been describing the difference between those who live by their own self-reliant, selfish, sinful "flesh" and those who live by the Spirit of God. Paul's description leaves no room for anyone to both live by the flesh and live by Spirit. Christians live by the Spirit, even if we are sometimes distracted by sin

I’ll be preaching on personal renewal today because I sense that a lot of us are in badly needed..the fire of God’s Spirit.

We need a fresh injection of the power of God in our lives so that we can accomplish what He has called us to as a church and as an individuals.

How’s your service to the Lord? I mean your Spiritual realm, Is there anyone here are struggling in your life journey as a followers? SOLUTION BE friends, the place that we really need to start is with a renewal of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I want us to do some soul-searching today by considering such questions that are vital to Holy Spirit renewal in our whole being.

The first question we need to consider is this:

I. DO I NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT RENEWAL? In other words, is this even an issue for me? Do I already have it together in this area, or do I need some help?- I love helping people.

I have 4 questions that should help us each to make that decision.

Am I Eager to Serve God?

Am I doing ministry in the church and in my life because it is something I feel obligated to do, or because it is something I desire to do for God? Which one?

But now we have been released from the law, for we died with Christ, and we are no longer captive to its power. Now we can really serve God, not in the old way by obeying the letter of the law, but in the new way, by the Spirit. - Romans 7:6

In this passage Paul is making the distinction between those that do things for God because it is legally required of them, and those that do them because the Spirit of God is empowering them to serve.

Where Are You at On This? If serving God is drudgery for you, you are in need of Holy Spirit renewal.

Am I enjoying time with God?

Do you hesitate to approach God in prayer? Has quiet time become boring time? Do you look forward to the times when you can spend time in God’s Word?

Grades don’t measure intelligence and age doesn’t define Maturity.

The Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. If you serve Christ with this attitude, you will please God. - Romans 14:17-18a

Our experience with God is meant to be enjoyable, fulfilling, and joyous.

If you’re not experiencing that right now, you’re in need of Holy Spirit renewal.

Am I growing in relationship with God?

You must crave pure spiritual milk so that you can grow into the fullness of your salvation. Cry out for this nourishment as a baby cries for milk. - 1 Peter 2:2

This word “crave” means that this is something I long for - and what I am to long for is the spiritual milk, or the Word of God.-READ READ-

Do you find yourself in a state of craving that time that you have with God in His Word and growing closer and closer to Him? If not, you’re in need of Holy Spirit Renewal.

Now, identifying our need for renewal is not difficult - If you answered “No,” to even one of these questions, you are in need of the Holy Spirit renewing your life.

The next step is more difficult, but very much a doable thing.

We need to ask and answer our second question if any of this is going to do us any good.

II. HOW CAN I BE RENEWED? I would be shocked if less than 80% of us have not come to the conclusion that we need renewal - in fact, the number might be higher than that.

The fact is that each and every one of us needs renewal on a regular basis.

This is nothing to be ashamed of - rather, it is good to just admit it, get it out of the way, and then move on to becoming the person God wants us to be.

You have clothed yourselves with a brand-new nature that is continually being renewed as you learn more and more about Christ, who created this new nature within you. - Colossians 3:10

I am going to give you four necessary steps that need to be repeated every single time we find ourselves moving away from our relationship with God.

> Renew my Commitment. (Leaders Confirmation)

The quality of your life depends on the level of your COMMITMENT.

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.

I can remember as a kid in church that periodically someone would come forward at the end of the service and recommit/rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ.

These were people that were already saved, yet they had not been walking with the Lord as they should, and coming under conviction of that, they decided to make a public recommitment of their hearts before the entire church.

I really miss seeing that, and I’m not sure why people don’t do it much anymore.

A powerful thing happens to us when we renew our commitment to Christ - it is both a pledge to God and a promise to ourselves, that we are going to follow Jesus as Lord - while it can be done privately, when it is done before the church it encourages the church to pray and to assist in the renewal process.

Oh, give me back my joy again; you have broken me-now let me rejoice.Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a right spirit within me. - Psalms 51:8,10

To be renewed by the Spirit, I have to recommit myself to Jesus Christ.

If I am not committed to the process I cannot expect God to bring renewal.

It is not a matter of just praying to God and Him zapping us with a new heart - it is a matter of committing myself to God and His will for my life.

> Surrender My Will.

In the 1990s, a group of Washington children participated in an eight year anti-smoking-campaign program - The results weren’t impressive.

Of the group that went through the program, 25.4 percent now smoke regularly.

And of the control group-those who didn’t participate in the study-25.7 percent now smoke regularly.

The education campaign hardly made any difference at all.

Our society believes education is the answer to our culture's problems.

And for some of them, it is - But for many, it is not.

People don't need new ideas or new techniques but a new power within.

It is only by surrendering our wills to the Holy Spirit that we can be renewed before God.

But you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the Spirit if you have the Spirit of God living in you. - Romans 8:9

Now to be under the Spirit’s control implies what? That WE ARE not controlling OURSEVES.

Until WE voluntarily turn over control of OUR life to the Holy Spirit WE will continue to be defeated by sin, depression, lack of vision, lack of hope, and will not be able to function as the fully empowered child of God that God wants US TO BE.

You can be filled with the Holy Spirit only by faith, by trusting God to produce in you the fruitful life He promised. Desire sincerely to be filled.

When you are filled (directed and empowered) by the Holy Spirit, you begin to think and act more like Jesus, which pleases God and brings Him glory. Desiring to be filled with the Holy Spirit shows that you want to know God better and to become more like Jesus.

Don't be discouraged if your desire isn't very strong right now. As you learn more about Jesus and the Christian life, your desire will grow stronger.

That is great. One of the exciting parts of the Christian life is that there is so much to learn about God that each day brings new discoveries

If you were in the midst of a battle, with no weapon, and the enemy was standing beside you with a gun to your head, What Would You Do?

If you had any sense at all, you would put up your hands in surrender, and voluntarily place yourself under the control of the opposing army.

When people raise their hands to God in prayer or when they sing praises to His name, isn’t that what they are symbolizing? We are saying, “God, I turn it all over to you!

Don't be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, let the Holy Spirit fill and control you. Ephesians 5:18

What happens when you drink too much alcohol? You surrender your mind, body, and will to it, don’t you? You come under its control.

God says, “Don’t Do That,” instead “let the Holy Spirit fill and control you.”

Like alcohol, the Holy Spirit will take over your mind, body, and will when you surrender to Him, but unlike alcohol, the results are all positive.

Holy Spirit renewal must be preceded by a surrender of our will to God.

> Live in Obedience.

I’ve pondered this, and I think that he is right - in many ways our acts of disobedience are driven by disbelief that God loves us.

We act out, because, for whatever reason, we do not accept God’s love for us.

When we know that God is committed to us, we live as people who are loved, which is clearly demonstrated by our obedience to Him.

In other words, when we don’t think we are loved by God, we react by living in a way that does not demonstrate love for Him either.

When we fully accept His love, we react by living in obedience to Him.

"If You Love Me, obey My Commandments.” - John 14:15

And what is the result of obeying His commands? We find ourselves living lives of renewal.

I advise you to live according to your new life in the Holy Spirit. Then you won't be doing what your sinful nature craves. - Galatians 5:16

If we are living now by the Holy Spirit, let us follow the Holy Spirit's leading in every part of our lives. - Galatians 5:25

Jesus knew, Paul knew, and now we know, that our obedience to God’s commands result in life lived in the Spirit.

And when we are living in accordance to God’s instruction, we are better able to relate to Him on a spiritually defined level.

In other words, when I am obedient to God, I am becoming more like God, and better able to understand and relate to Him, because I better understand who He is and where He is coming from.

> Hear the Spirit’s Voice.

In the book of Revelation, Jesus gives instruction to seven different churches.

The one instruction that goes out to each one is that they must listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

What is interesting is that while each is given the exact same initial instruction, a different promises to the7 churches.

Ephesus: "Anyone who is willing to hear should listen to the Spirit and understand what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Everyone who is victorious will eat from the tree of life in the paradise of God.” Revelation 2:7


Yes No

I cannot answer this question for you, and neither can your family/friends.

In fact, God is not going to answer this question for you either.

It is totally and completely up to you to decide whether you will do what is necessary to experience Holy Spirit renewal in your life.

If you are one of the many that answered “Yes” I need Holy Spirit renewal under question #1, now is your time of decision.

Either “Yes”, I will be renewed, or “No”, I won’t be renewed.

My hope and prayer is that you will answer “Yes” today and get started in the renewal process.

If you say “Yes” Today- STAND UP AND I WILL PRAY FOR YOU.Then those who never been baptized.. COME IN GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS.

Place Your TRUST in CHRIST and Receive HIM as Your SAVIOR!

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door. I will go in. Rev. 3:20

If you say “Yes” today, why not make a declaration before God by signing your name.

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