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Sunday, February 4, 2018 - 2018 Church Commitment Address!


Pastor Roger C. Marcos
February 4, 2018


Last Tuesday night, the president of the United State of America, gives what is called THE STATE THE UNION ADDRESS. The speech of Pres. Donald Trump outline the success of the past, the needs of the present and the vision for the future of America to make America great again!

Today, I want to take a few minutes to say something about the year past and I want to talk about Where We Have Been; Where We Are and Where We Need To Be In The Future. Friends, members, thank you for the love and commitment you invest in this congregation.

I.THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF THE PAST. The 25th Anniversary last February 26, 2017 of NYCC, celebrates the goodness of God, accompanying the church to cross the red sea heading to promise land of prosperity. (Certificate on Screen)

Your hard work tells to the world HOW THE MEMBERS OF NYCC worked in love and unity to make thing happened.

Success 2017

  • 25th Anniversary. Feb. 26
  • Leadership Seminar. April 20- led Jim Tune
  • Saturday Bible Study/ Young people/Youth
  • Prayer Warrior Ministry.
  • Praise Team.
  • Mission and benevolence
  • Christian Education.
  • Finance Ministry.

A. The church Experienced Grace - We have seen the Lord save some souls this year. Not as many as we would have liked, but praise God for every soul that has been truly converted over the past years plus those who commit to transferred their membership in order for them to Serve and Give to the church.

So anyone never been baptized, and those who baptized that never been transfer your membership I am reminding you if you wish. There’s a big difference between ATTENDERS and MEMBERS, can be summed up in one word. COMMITMENT.

B. The Church Experienced Growth - as we grow in the knowledge of God growth follows. The children ministry- young people and youth- totaled 70in all according to bro Joe.

The worship each Sunday attendance always above 100

C. The church Experienced Glory - God has moved in our presence more than once this past year. We have enjoyed the precious ministry of His presence and Spirit time and time again. There have been seasons of prayer; praise and worship that refreshed and blessed us.

D. The church Experienced the love Giving - This past year saw unprecedented financial contributions to this church. You folks have been faithful to give to the needs of the church. We have also taken up and given thousands of dollars in love offerings to those in need. It has been a good year financially.

E. The church Experienced Grief - Sadly, not all of the events of this past year were positive. Some of our number have been called off to Heaven during the past 2 years. Others have experienced problems with sickness and suffering, heartache and sorrow.

II. THE IMPORTANT (ESSENTIAL)OF THE PRESENCE. Here are a few essentials we need to develop and improve in the days ahead so that this year might be an even better year for God’s glory.)

A. We Need More Compassion among The Saints - v. 44-45 - I touched on this thought this morning, but one of the things lacking in our society is love in action. We talk about caring one for another, our talk needs to be given feet, hands and heart, Ill. 1 John 3:18; Phil. 2:4; Gal. 6:2.

B. We Need More Concern For The Lost - v. 47 - Again, I mentioned this earlier today, but there is a lost world around us. Many folks in this church have family members that are lost. We need a burden for them and a desire to reach them for the glory of the Lord. (Ill. Try to remember what it is like to be lost. May the Lord help us to see their need; to realize that we hold the solution to their problem; and that it is our responsibility to tell them about Jesus. We pray, but we do not tell!)

C. We Need More Conviction In Divine Worship - I realize that conviction is the work of God and that we cannot produce it. But, we can hinder His ability to work in this place. We can create an atmosphere in which the Lord will have a hard time moving. Or, we can work to ensure that NYCC Church is a place that encourages the Spirit of God to do His work among us. If we would see God move, we need to consider four things.

1. Atmosphere - v. 41-42 - This place is to be a place of worship! Nothing wrong with talking before the service, but when that music begins, it is time to be in your seat setting your heart on the things of God.

Everyone can help by limiting your movements, your bathroom visits and things of that nature; especially during the WORSHIP.

2. Attitude - v. 42-43 - If we can condition ourselves to come to the house of God anticipating God to do something special, we are more likely to see Him do something special. Come praying; come worshiping; come excited and watch the Lord move. After all, you get out of it about all you really want out of it!

3. Action - v. 42 & 46 - Come to the house of God determined to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. One of the problems in the modern church is that the altars have been forsaken; praise has been neglected and worship has been relegated to the ash heap of the past. Obedience to the voice of the Holy Ghost would create an atmosphere in which it is more likely that God will move, 1 Thes. 5:16-20.

4. Attendance - v. 46 - Just being in your place and being ready to worship the Lord is an encouragement to everyone else. Attendance at church is not an option, Heb. 10:25. Habitual absence is a vote to close the doors!

Doing these things will not make the church perfect, but it will help us to develop a church in which God can move more easily and in more power.


I thank God for the year He gave Us. I think we are in good shape, as a church, especially when we look at the condition of the church as a whole. I look forward, however, to what the Lord has for us in the days ahead.

If He has touched your heart about your church, then I challenge you to get before Him and talk to Him about.

You might want to thank Him for all He has already done for us. You might want to pray about where we are today. You might want to seek the Lord for His power and grace to face the days ahead. Has He spoken to you about your church and your role in it? Do you want to come and talk to Him about it? Let’s mind Him!

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