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A church that cares and reaches the lost...

Our Leaders

Our Minister

Picture of Pastor Roger C. MarcosPastor Roger C. Marcos

Our Elders

Picture of Bro. Bernardino MalijanBro. Bernardino Malijan
Chairman of the Board
Picture of Bro. Danilo TamayoBro. Danilo Tamayo
Picture of Bro. Roselardo BarreraBro. Roselardo Barrera
Picture of Bro. Albert PacanasBro. Albert Pacanas
Picture of Bro. Arman PacanasBro. Arman Pacanas

Our Deacons

Picture of Bro. Deomer TeanoBro. Deomer Teano
Sports Ministry
Picture of Bro. Edward BautistaBro. Edward Bautista
Benevolence and Mission Ministries
Picture of Bro. Geofrey CatalanBro. Geofrey Catalan
Building Ministry
Picture of Bro. Joemarie MirandaBro. Joemarie Miranda
Christian Education and Finance Ministries
Picture of Bro. Noel TambuaBro. Noel Tambua
Health & Safety and Youth Ministries
Picture of Bro. Ritchie BarreraBro. Ritchie Barrera
Praise & Worship Ministry
Picture of Bro. Samuel PeradoBro. Samuel Perado
Men & Women Ministry
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